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  • I personally believe that MedTask is the best product on the market.

    I have been in the medical field since 1981, before that I was in the data processing field, working with computers since 1972. I have helped develop software for the Washington State warrant redemption system and for a major medical software firm.

    I purchased my first in house medical computer system in 1984. It was designed by IBM and a staff of software developers. It was very expensive and the training was quite comprehensive, not a very easy system to use. At that time there were no electronic claims and balancing was always a chore. I made a decision at that time to become a software trainer (due to the fact that the trainer I had basically had no clue to what she was doing with the medical field and computers).

    I got my first job as a medical office software trainer in 1987. I sold, trained and supported the MDX and DDX product of the Calyx Corporation, Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have installed, trained and supported over 100 sites across the United States personally. This was a fun and rewarding time in my life.

    The Calyx Corporation was eventually sold to PCN (Physicians Care Network, NJ) in the middle 1990's. I did many conversions to the new software of PCN. This was a very hard time as I had to re-train offices. The data structure, posting and balancing were completely different, everyone had problems. It was very challenging to train people to use the software and keep them as a customer.

    Medical Manager eventually purchased PCN. Both products Calyx MDX and PCN are now still supported by Medical Manager, Who knew, since Medical Manager, PCN and Calyx were all competitors that this would come out this way.

    During this time I started a billing service using MDX to PCN and eventually Medical Manager. My partner houses the hardware and does all the posting. Currently these costs are very high. The hardware originally cost $7,000.00 due to the fact it is a Unix system (much more costly than a windows system) let alone the software was $5,000.00 and technical support is $2,000.00 + a year. We spend another $500.00 a month for all electronic services. The average is $700.00 to $1,000.00 a month. My partner is 70 years old, and has intensive experience in medical billing. She spends extensive hours transmitting claims to the clearing house, only to find rejections and errors. The reports are hard to read and understand, batches of transmissions are lost only to be discovered a month latter when no payments are coming in! We have recently lost one of our clients. I believe this to be due to inconsistent money flow, all stemming from electronic claim transmissions, and hard to read Doctor distribution reports.

    I started another billing service in 2001. I moved home, to be close to my mother in 2001, the town population is 300. I was so happy to find MedTask, it allows me to do medical billing anywhere in the world. MedTask is easy to use and makes medical billing fast and easy. I get payments from some insurance companies within 10 days from the date of service, and yes I have proof.

    I have used MedTask for over 2 years and found it to be the best product on the market. It is cost effective and easy to use. It offers many benefits. Including online access to patient accounts from office or home.

    Some of the major benefits of using MedTask are no more "backups", your data is safe and secure. No costly hardware and software to purchase. No technical support costs, no upgrades to purchase and install. Training to use MedTask is very easy. I trained my current partner who had no medical, office or software experience, quickly and easily. He is the best data entry person I have ever had.

    I would highly recommend MedTask to any Doctor's office or billing service. The new technology and innovation that MedTask has developed will renovate the way the physicians office does billing.

    If you have any questions or need any more information, please feel free to contact me anytime. As you can see I am very grateful for finding such a wonderful product as MedTask, it has made my business very easy to run. 

    -- Carmen Metal, Columbia River Billing Service

  • I have been involved in the medical field for 18 years. Currently, I am owner of MedNET Mgmt Group, LLC a medical billing company. I have been involved with the MedTask billing management system since it's inception.

    I find the MedTask system to have many positive aspects over Lytec, another medical software program usedby MedNETin the past. I would like to point out some key aspects that we find outstanding. The top selling points to providers are 1.) The fact that we use a medical billing system allowing all parties involved access to all account information via the Internet. 2) Electronic claim submission making it cost effective for payment to be received within 7 to 14 days rather than 45 plus days for paper claims. The providers currently using our services feel these are valuable feature when having an outside billing company.

    We here at MedNET find it to be a user-friendly system eliminating hours of training. Your system is a no worry software system eliminating cost of continually software updates or expensive support packages. We at MedNET feel the MedTask billing system is a leader in its industry. 

    -- Claudia Dore, MedNET Mgmt Group

  • Our practice has been associated with MedTask since January 2001. MedTask has allowed a one doctor surgical subspecialty office to manage with only one employee - a nurse/office manager staff member. This would not be possible without the product.

    Plusses of the product - MedTask is an emerging business so they are invested in responding to user requests. I have entered many requests as I have managed two other much larger practices with more expensive and more complex management systems, (Alcon Systems and Medical Manager). The former system has more reporting components which is a plus. Both of these systems were very very expensive and price many small offices out of the market. Medical Manager is very user unfriendly and unwieldy. As I remember most reports were not too useful. MedTask is simply stated and requires really no training to use if you have utilized other medical management systems. Visually it drives itself. The screen image is clear and easily understood. The support response to concerns is timely - within the hour - and if they cannot settle the issue during that time, there is a response, that at least, they are working on it and will get back with you. (This is really important to me, to know that my message was received as opposed to voice mail - you never know...) The use of email for communication is great - there is a tracking log of concerns both from and to the office. The only down side is when the power goes out!

    Our claims are sent out every night. The time for payment window is definitely quick on claims filed with local carriers, generally within the month. Very seldom are problems found with claims, and when there are, MedTask is involved in the problem solving. They do not leave you out to dry, alone.

    One great asset is the ability to connect from any site - home, office, on the road. Formerly, I needed to buy software to get the business accessed from home. The ease of online access is unbeatable.

    As I have relatively few claims - less than 100/month, each for a relatively large charge, it is imperative to me they get sent correctly. This has been the case as the software has had very few bugs. Other products have given me fits, trying to troubleshoot their software errors.

    The price is exceptional for what I get out of the product. I only hope with time it becomes even better. The feature of detailed reporting options is very important in office management. I have the ability to have many insurance companies listed for each patient. Patients' insurance change all the time and we need and have the ability to change this from our office. I appreciate the security encoding of the product. 

    -- Jody Coale BS RN, James P Thomas MD LLC

  • Simplicity. This is the first system I have ever used that a physician could follow his claims and dollars on. On Mondays quite often I get E-mails from the physicians regarding ideas or questions about their accounts. During the week they are too busy with patients and call backs, but at their leisure, they are now able to get on the system from home and go through what interests them.

    In the past we had the big monster systems with all the bells and whistles. At first they were usable, but as time went on, they became extremely cumbersome. The systems collected so much information that after a while 60% of it was useless and we had to deal with information overload to get to the few items we needed. The physicians quit trying to wade through all the information, it was no longer "user friendly". The maintenance was expensive, technical support had a 24 hour turnaround time, and as fast as the medical codes were changing, and the insurance companies were merging, updating the system was becoming a job that I did not want.

    Our offices were hesitant to get into an Internet system. What about when the Internet goes down? How stable is the support? Would we find ourselves out on a limb if something goes wrong? MedTask has proved us wrong on every issue. I have never had any down time due to the Internet being inaccessible. The technical support has always answered within 1 hour. They will always address the problem, and resolve in a timely manner. I started out working for physicians in Cleveland Ohio have since moved to Nevada, and there was no interruption in cash flow because the system is accessible from anywhere.

    MedTask is the simplest billing system with important A/R reports at your fingertips. I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants to bill and easily follow up on their money. 

    -- Robin Klima, Medical Oncology Associates